The SLF's Rehabilitation Center - Æfingastöðin

The SLF´s Rehabilitation Center currently provides physical and occupational therapy. Most of our clients are children and youth with motor developmental delays or motor impairments. Some do also have ADHD, autistic spectrum disorders, mental retardation or other conditions.

Through collaboration, education and therapy we aim to maximize each child´s potential and participation to enriching their quality of life.

The SLF´s Rehabilitation Center provides individual and group-based services. It has excellent facilities,operates a swimming pool, a gym and a hippotherapy; physical therapy on horseback. Services are also available at other locations such as private homes, schools, preschools and child care centers.

The practice is financed by allocations from the Ministry of Health and is also funded by donations, corporate giving, bequests and fundraising activities.

Fee collected for physical and occupational therapy at Æfingastöðin is determined by regulations issued by the Icelandic Health Insurance.

A sign-in at the reception desk is required for each therapy session.

Same fee is collected for therapy services provided outside the clinic (Æfingastöðin), therapists will inform clients prior to their session.

Payments can be made either at the time of service or by monthly billing via the internet bank. 

Cancellations must be made by 10 am on the day of service to avoid full charge.  Cancellations can be made by calling 535-0900 or by contacting the therapist by email.

Payment for the first 30 sessions in a 12 months period:

Assessment *

kr. 1.489

Intervention, interview, consultative meeting

kr. 1.376

Group therapy I(Four persons or less per. therapist)

kr.   945

Group therapy II (More than four persons per therapist)

kr.   626


* You will be charged extra  for assessment at the beginning of the service and at a reassessment up to three times yearly.

When thirty sessions have been exceeded in a 12 months period, the service is free of charge.

When thirty sessions have been exceeded, Æfingastöðin applies for a Training Card at Sjúkratryggingar Íslands on behalf of its clients. The Training Card is valid for a period of one-year from the beginning of the service. The same card applies for physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy.

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