Important message regarding appointments

Important message to parents regarding appointments at Æfingastöðin, during Covid-19:

Greiningar- og ráðgjafastöðvar ríkisins (e. the State Diagnostic and Counselling CentreInstructions) has made instructions in English, Polska and Tagalog regarding appointments during COVID-19. These rules do also apply here at Æfingastöðin:

To reduce risk of infection, we have put the following regulations into place:

  • That parents and child/adolescent show up at the scheduled time
  • That the child/adolescent’s siblings do not come with them
  • That only one parent accompanies the child/adolescent, unless the appointment is a consultation with parents
  • That the utmost hygiene is ensured and that parents and child/adolescent wash and sanitize their hands as soon as they enter the building
  • That a 2-meter distance is kept between people whenever possible
  • No handshaking when greeting
  • Very important: Please do not come to your scheduled appointment if parents or child/adolescent have experienced any symptoms that could indicate a Covid-19 infection, such as flu or cold symptoms, bone pain, fever, dry cough, or the loss of taste and smell. Instead, please call 535-0900 to receive more detailed information and to reschedule. Should an employee become aware of a parent or child/adolescent coming to an appointment with any of these symptoms, they will be sent home and the appointment will be postponed.  

Instructions in more languages can be found on