Camp Reykjadalur

Reykjadalur is a summer camp for children and youngsters with disabilities aged 8-21, run by The Benefit Society of Children with Disabilities.

The aim of Reykjadalur is to enrich the lives of those that stay there, to support friendship and give experiences. There are no limiations, only solutions. 

Approximately 250 mentally or physically challenged children from all over Iceland come to Reykjadalur every year. The camp was established by The Benefit Society in 1963. There have been a lot of changes through the years, but the aim has always been to try to make it a better place for the children.

During the summertime the children can stay for 1 week and on two weekends during wintertime.  

Reykjadalur receives donations from the Ministry of health and Social Security and the Ministry of Social Affairs. Parents and guardians also pay for the stay. The cost is the same as for children in regular summer camps.


Reykjadalur also receives generous gifts from supporters, and the Benefit Society of Children with Disabilities also provides substantial funding from its yearly lottery and  from the proceeds from The Globe of Goodwill.  The proceeds help build up Reykjadalur for its continuous development, we are always looking to improve our service each year.