How to get service?

1. Get a note from a doctor: First step is going to the doctor's office to get a note for physical and occupational therapy.

2. Send the note to Æfingastöðin: Send notes for occupational therapy to Gunnhildur, head of occupational therapy, and notes for physical therapy should be sent to Kolbrún, head of physical therapy. 

3. Receive confirmation via e-mail and wait: When we have received the doctors note where therapy is requested a confirmation e-mail is sent containing information on expected waiting time for therapy.

4. Start of service: You will be contacted once the waiting time is over. You will be called to a meeting at Æfingastöðin where information will be gathered on what kind of therapy is needed. The therapists aim to work closely with both the client(the child) and its parent on finding the best possible solutions. Together we work in the best interest for the child.